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When home buyers are looking to relocate, they do not just consider the location. They take into mind the utility rates they need to pay in order to run a household. While this is a practical thing to do, some homeowners are just not lucky enough to get what they want. And for those lucky ones out there, Electricity For Me is definitely part of their success.


Utility expenses get a bigger portion of your budget, second only to house mortgage payments. That is why most Americans move to places like Houston where electricity is deregulated. This means that they incur much lower utility expenses than in most cities.

The overall prices of deregulated electricity is only a fraction of most regulated electricity pricing. Consumers get competitive prices and electricity providers offer promotions to encourage switching. Some offer competitive reward programs to encourage loyalty.

But as a consumer in Houston, you have the power to choose your electricity supplier. In choosing the energy companies in Houston, you should have the right tools and to assist you in making the right energy plan that fits your needs.

When it comes to finding the best energy Companies in Houston, there is no better place than Electricity for Me. Call us today and get your electricity quote!


How to Shop for the Best Energy companies in Houston

There are several power and energy providers who seemingly offer affordable services. But the only way to decide which energy provider is right for you is to compare electricity rates. There are two things you can consider. First, the rates that the company offers, and secondly, the reputation of the company.


Reviews can be a way to check on their reputation. You may be able to know if the company charges too many fees on top of your actual energy consumption.

How to Shop for the Best Residential electricity

Electricity rates in Texas, including Houston, are always changing. If you wait for your service contract to end before shopping for another energy company, it may be too late. Your power will be cut.


It is advisable that a month before you service contract expires, you have already another energy company to switch to.

Here is a process that is simple and easy.

  • Enter the zip code of Houston on a provider or aggregator site.
  • A list of available plans pop up. Look for the ones with the best residential electricity rates.
  • Check the length of the contract term.
  • Compare the plans with others that have similar features.
  • Read the EFL carefully so you know that what you see is what you get.
  • When your contract is about to expire, prepare to make a switch.

If you happen to see a plan from a provider that is not popular, check the plan details. New and small providers sell the same electricity that well established providers do. And being new in the field, they could offer bigger discounts and deals than their larger and more established counterparts.


Shopping for electricity services is always beneficial. If you keep the same plan or provider every year, you will miss out on the plans from other electricity provider that offer lower rates and much better services.

Some providers even offer incentives for first time sign ups. New homeowners can benefit from low rates, the incentives that come with it, and the whole customer experience from these providers.


Once you have chosen the plan with the electricity rates that fit your needs, make the switch. You just call or apply online to do this and your new provider can help you set the time and date. All hassle-free.

Stop Overpaying on Your Electricity Bill

More often than not, you are overpaying your electricity bill because you do not know how to save energy. It is during the summer months when electricity bills are at their peaks. This is not even due to any increase in the electricity rates. It is mostly because the consumption is at an all time high. Air conditioning units (AC), refrigerators, and other cooling devices can shoot your electricity consumption through the roof if you do not know how to conserve electricity.


Comfort is mostly the issue when the demand for electricity rises. The heat of the sun during summer can do more than just discomfort. In many cases, it can even cause serious medical conditions. But in spite of this demand, there is still a way to save on energy cost without breaking the bank.

But you do not have to wait during the summer months to save electricity. Here are some few tips to save on electricity at home any time of the year:

  • If you have a centralized AC system, keep it clean and free from debris at all times.
  • Do not bother cooling rooms that are not being used. Keep the doors closed to rooms that you are using so that it can cool faster.
  • Turn off the hot water when not in use. Do not use water more than necessary especially while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Turn the dishwasher on when it is fully loaded. You are wasting water and energy when you are just washing a few dishes at a time. Set the dishwasher to the shortest cycle so you can save water and energy.
  • Bake multiple dishes or pop an extra one into the oven. This will also help you save energy and accomplish more in less time..
  • See to it that the freezer is full. Frozen food stays cold longer. Keep food and water in the freezer so it can stay cool longer without having to use energy.
  • Most residential units are using CFL lights. These Compact Fluorescent Lamps use up 75 percent less energy compared to standard bulbs. They are great energy savers and will lower your electricity bills.
  • Do not place drapes, furniture, and carpeting near air vents. They block air from cooling your rooms.
  • Turn off the air conditioning in the early mornings or evenings. Instead open your windows to let the cool air circulate. Let fresh air come into your homes.
  • Insulate your home the whole year. Insulation keeps the heat out and lets your home stay cooler longer.

You do not have to limit enjoying the comfort of your home because of the summer heat. If you follow the useful tips on how to save on energy, you will save a lot of money and beat the summer heat. If you have done everything and still feel you are paying too much for electricity, it is time to switch service providers.

If you are seriously considering switching providers, Electricity For Me can give you a lot of options. Get the electricity plan that fits your needs and budget. From innovative electricity solutions to efficient energy usage, Electricity For Me is with you every step of the way.


Another tip: Before your contract with your current service provider expires, get a quote now. Just type in your ZIP code and Electricity For Me will do the rest. Whether you are living in an apartment or in a mansion, there is always an electricity plan for you.

Electricity For me is the Best Energy Company in Houston

When it comes to finding the Best energy Companies in Houston, there is no better way to do it than with Electricity for Me. Why take the long road when getting what you want can only take minutes. Call us today and get your free electricity quote!


We can help you select the right one from a wide range of plans across our database in no time at all. Empower yourself with Electricity For Me’s easy-to-use tools and helpful information for you to manage your electricity usage with peace of mind.

We’re consistently scouring the Texas control market to guarantee has the latest, best and minimum best energy companies in Houston cost power offers open for your home. Simply enter your region information and what sort of home you live in. Starting there, the power offer that we’ve found for the best fit will show up including why we think the course of action will be a strong match for you. Give us a call : (877) 594-3973 or Visit us at our site


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